eBooks Anyone?

Below you will find links to ebooks for books or short stories written by some of our most wonderful and talented young adult writers. Clicking on the book title will take you to the page where the Ebook is available for download and/or purchase. If you know a young adult author who would like help getting their written words converted into an ebook format, please contact me! We can certainly convert their text into an ebook format which can be displayed for free, or I can walk a parent or guardian through the site I use for my own ebooks, which I have listed for sale.

Please take a moment to browse the site and introduce yourselves to our wonderful authors and their books.

Author Book Title Genre Cover
H.C. Paye A Gift From Above Young Adult / Fiction A Gift From Above
A Gift From Above
H.C. Paye Old Man Anthology Fiction / Anthology / Short Story Old Man Anthology
Old Man Anthology (Ebook)

Please note that this site is a Work In Progress and I will try to update it as frequently as I can!

Thank you for your interest in Books By TEEN Authors! Please spread the word to your family and friends and help me make this website what I dream it CAN be... Help me promote the numerous young adult authors out there who need and deserve recognition for their talent and hard work!

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