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In the Fall of 2012, authors MJ Allaire and Ryan Twomey conducted a 10-week class for a group of homeschooled children in Thomaston CT. The class was titled How to Become an Author. Simple enough, right?

Ryan and MJ's journey with teaching writing began in the Spring of 2011, when they visited 4th and 5th graders at the Carver Elementary School in Carver, Massachusetts. At the end of each group's session, they offered the children a writing challenge... Imagine what would happen if a dragon came to their school! Would it become someone's pet? Tear the roof off the school and eat their math tests? Write a short story and tell us.. What happened the day a dragon came to your school?

The 5th grade class rose to the challenge. After reading tales of good dragons and bad, with such stories as a fiery beast who ravaged the school just to get a tray of baked fish sticks from the school's cafeteria and even a visit from the President, MJ and Ryan published a book, written by and dedicated to, the 5th grade students of Carver Elementary. The book is available on Lulu.com specifically for the families of the children who contributed to the story.

When it came to teaching an actual writing class to the students in Thomaston, CT, the children were excited about learning how to become an author, and Ryan and MJ were eager to teach. MJ is the author of six published books with a 7th in the wings, and Ryan is the author of one soon-to-be published book as well as the VERY talented cover designer for MJ's books as well as those of other authors.

The children were guided through the process of writing, from idea creation and character development to cover design and, eventually, publishing the final product. At the last class, the children were declared published authors!

The links below are for those in our writing classes. Feel free to peruse any links on this site, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime!


Spring 2013 - Thomaston CT

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